Peer Reviewing - Conference Abstracts

Clyto Access Conferences follows peer reviewing in selecting abstracts for international conferences. Our international academic - scientific conferences provide a platform to share, to discuss and to resolute challenges on various academic and industrial research issues. 


Peer reviewing of conference abstracts follows a single stage process:

Step 1: Presenter (Speaker/poster presenter/keynote speaker) submits abstract (either online or through email) to the conference organizing committee.

Step 2: Pre-quality check is done and the abstract is assigned to a Organizing Committee Member (OCM).

Step 3: OCM provides comments and approves/rejects the abstract for presentation. Also, OCM provides input whether the abstract is suitable for oral or poster presentation.

Step 4: If abstract is accepted, it is considered for the presentation else we request for resubmission.

All accepted/presented abstracts will be published as conference proceedings in respective Clyto Access' Journals.