Welcome to Clyto Access

Clyto Access is a trailblazer, people-centric organization, that is establishing its ever-expanding presence in the scientific society by bridging the gap between the academia and scientific community. We work in association with the scientific community, research associations, educational institutions, industries and health communities globally to publish research articles, case reports, e-books, e-magazines pertaining to various academic disciplines like science, technology, medicine (STM). Clyto Access also hosts and organizes international academic conferences in the field of science, medicine, technology, engineering and management.

Clyto open access publishing adopts rigorous peer review process as per the open access publishing standards and COPE (Committee on Publishing Ethics), to ensure world-class experience among the whole ecosystem of open science tools. We provide rapid peer-review process and publish articles within 21 days from the date of submission. We follow open access policy where the readers are provided unrestricted access to all the journals globally and are also included in the world-renowned abstracting and indexing databases thus helping the reader to share, easy to search and cite their work. We provide unrestricted free access to our readers worldwide under the terms of Creative Common license.

Clyto Access serves as a database to hold the recent technology and research information via web-based channels. We provide integrated technology and platform for our clients to share, to interact, and to develop knowledge with elasticity, efficiency, and invention.


Since its inception, Clyto Access is being governed by its core values guiding our behavior and decisions, shaping the culture and defining the spirit of our stakeholders. 
  • Accessibility: Universal access to scientific information - we believe in scientific dissemination of knowledge and information globally.
  • Integrity: It is our choice to be morally upright and be true to our customers and ourselves. We maintain a consistent framework of principles and take responsibility of our actions.
  • Stewardship: We plan and manage our resources to achieve our goal of shaping up an advanced scientific community for future.
  • Collaboration: Our motto is to interconnect researchers and associates across the globe and bridge the gap between developed and underdeveloped countries through knowledge dissemination.
  • Empowerment: We believe in end-to-end ownership, responsibility, accountability, development and recognition.

We aim to move a step forward, to promote research, helping scientific community for better interaction. 
We provide a firm platform for the scientists, research scholars and industrialists to share their queries, problems and we support in finding a solution through cross networking. 
We are working towards being a world-class information provider in highly organized forms as a digitalized e-books, e-magazines and open access journals. 

About Journals

Gain insights into the advancements of research and technology in various fields of STM through our peer reviewed scholarly open access journals.